Thursday, April 14, 2011

HOT: Jennifer Lawrence Poses in Lingerie

Jennifer Lawrence tried on a variety of sexy underwear for GQ's May issue, on sale April 19.

"Winter's Bone" isn't really accurate - at least when it comes to showcasing Jennifer Lawrence's natural beauty.

The film, which led to an Oscar nomination for the rising newcomer, required Jennifer Lawrence to not only toughen up, but also cover up.

Now the 20-year-old's stunning good looks are on full display in the May issue of GQ, where Lawrence stripped down to her skivvies.

In several of the lingerie shots, Jennifer Lawrence shows off her flowing, long blond hair, piercing blue eyes and admirably toned stomach.

But it was not just being a pretty face that helped the actress land a role in the upcoming "X-Men: First Class."

"There are a lot of young American actors right now who haven't got any technique," director Matthew Vaughn told GQ.

"And to be blunt, a lot of these kids assume that just by having a good set of teeth and t-ts, smiling for the camera's gonna be enough," he explained. "I needed someone who could act."

"She's got a set of balls on her," Vaughn said.

Not that you could tell. (Source)

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