Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy At the Warrior Dash

For one thing, the Warrior Dash taking place Saturday and Sunday at the DFW Adventure Park isn’t much of a race. Instead, it’s a dash — or walk, scoot, climb or jog — across a dozen or so obstacles designed specifically to slow even the fastest movers to a crawl, one that seems custom-made to remind every participant of the fun they might have had as a kid sloshing through a creek or playing in the rain.

The event-Warrior Dash- is expected to draw about 17,000 “warriors” over two days and another 10,000 or more friends, family and curious onlookers. Registration for Sunday’s runs is closed.

The dash itself is short — no more than 30 to 45 minutes for most folks, though organizers said there are always “the freaks” who insist on running full-speed from start to finish and can make it about 18 minutes.

But for the vast majority of the warriors, the course seemed custom-designed to remind them all that it’s the journey — not the destination — that counts.

There were teens as young as 14 and grand-dads and groups of sisters and just about every kind of combination of teams splashing through the course Saturday.

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