Saturday, April 16, 2011

Brooke Mueller Sought Drug Free Urine From Friends?

Brooke Mueller - Charlie Sheen's ex-wife Brooke Mueller is reportedly going through a downward spiral. According to Radar Online Brooke Mueller, the mother of Charlie Sheen's twins was in a frenzy calling her friends to obtain some drug-free urine. TMZ later obtained footage of Brooke at a pawn shop attempted to trade Charlie Sheen's expensive watches for cash. The pawn employee stated Brooke seemed desperate and didn't have a valid id to complete the transaction.

Brooke's friends have shed concerned telling Radar Online, “Brooke Mueller seems depressed,” the friend said. “We’re worried for her safety.” Another source said Brooke has “fallen off the wagon and has been out of control over the last few days.”

Brooke's mom Moira Fiore has since denied the claim stating that Brooke was merely helping a friend as a favor...

Brooke Mueller receives $55,000 per month from Charlie Sheen and has suffered from drug and alcohol addiction. Is Brooke Mueller breaking down? (Source)

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