Sunday, August 14, 2011

Kristen Stewart Spotted Drinking In London

Kristen Stewart is a dedicated actress, but it’s nice when she gets to kick back and have fun. And it seems like she had a ball when she hit up London’s Soho House on August 12 and had a few drinks with friends — not having to worry about filming Snow White And the Huntsman for a night!

Kristen Stewart, 21, hit up the swanky bar and drank with two other actors, who both tweeted about the encounter.

Leo Staar wrote, “Lovely drink last night with @Lee__Knight and Kristen Stewart at Soho house. Great time.”

In turn, Lee Knight wrote, “funny you mention Kristen Stewart @theverysimong , I saw her at Soho House tonight.”

It’s great K-Stew let her hair down a little, especially considering the tension in London because of the riots. But we’re sure Robert Pattinson wishes he was there with her! (S)

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