Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Meaning of the Cherry Blossom Tattoo

Today the cherry blossom tattoo is a design used by many women. Nevertheless you will find out that it is also a versatile design for men as well. They are beautiful and very delicate in design as in nature. Just the sight of seeing these flowers leaves you in a spiritual like moment. These flowers are regarded very highly in there symbolic representation in both the Chinese and Japanese traditions. If you are thinking of getting a cherry blossom tattoo you should come to understand the wonderful meanings that are bound to them.

But before getting any tattoo, remember a great design is always the one with strong spiritual ties. Don't make any quick decisions on getting a tattoo so easily and just out of the blue. Take your time and be patient. Do some research on the different styles of designing a tattoo. There are many innovative ways to express them on your skin. Plan ahead and you won't be dissatisfied about the outcome of your design.

Although the cherry blossoms are very similar in design, the meanings between the Japanese and the Chinese are very different. To the Chinese, the cherry blossoms are very symbolic, it holds many meanings such as power, female beauty and is a symbol of love. The beauty of this flower is mainly consider to be a feminine design in the Chinese culture.

To the Japanese the flowers are based on a very strong religious beliefs, that the nature of life is transitory and it is considered very wise not to get to close or attached to anything because it will pass in time. In the Japanese culture it is also a symbol of loyalty and honor. It was used by samurai warriors, as in the Bushido code the "Way of the Warrior," it was an emblem to signify there way of life.

In knowing this knowledge, we can easily make the cherry blossom ideal for both men and women alike. Exploring the many possibilities of incorporating the cherry blossom into a design is substantially a good start. Come to know and understand the meaning behind this extravagant design. And find out why the cherry blossom tattoo is significant and full of power in many Asian cultures. Even if the symbolic meaning doesn't quite play an inspirational role for you and your design, you can add some personal ideas to suit your fancy.

Your are not limited to just the Asians symbolical meanings, let your ideas and imagination take this design into a whole new world of options. You will achieve a unique sentimental design you are looking for. After all, you will have your own personalized connection to the cherry blossom design and what it means to you.

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