Friday, July 1, 2011

VIDEO: A man Ripped Off his Girlfriend's bikini top in public

A man ripped off his girlfriend's bikini top in public, just because she had apparently joined the swimwear pageant without his permission. The Chinese national even pushed and shouted at others who tried to stop him, said STOMPer Nuts.

In the video, the man ripped off the woman's bikini top and repeatedly shouted "Who asked you to come here?", while pushing her around.

witness said:

"This is preposterous and they should have called the police immediately.

"Besides the poor woman who was desperately trying to protect her modesty, the man was even pushing the female organiser around, and some of the male participants.

"This man must be still living in the stone ages.

"I hope no S'porean man will behave like that, no matter how angry or how justified you may be."

"Well,,,, whats your comments? that guy is really sick!!

A man ripped off his girlfriend's bikini

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