Saturday, May 21, 2011

Danica Patrick-Race Queen Driving in Her Last Indy 500?

Danica Patrick Continues To Improve in NASCAR Likely Ending Her Run Indy Career

Danica Patrick has fame, fortune, looks, brains but that is not enough.

While there is still a week to go before the engines get started at the Indianapolis 500, talk has already begun about Patrick making a full-time jump into NASCAR next season.

That would effectively mean that his is the last time Danica Patrick will take an open wheel car to the finish line of an Indianapolis 500.

Danica Patrick finished last season in the Nationwide Series with four top-22 finishes in her final six races while racing sporadically during the year.

Obviously the consistency of racing in consecutive weeks made a difference and we see that translating this year as well.

Patrick started the first three races this year all inside the top-20, including a fourth place finish at Las Vegas.

She did wreck at Bristol and finished 33rd, but the improvement is obviously noted.

There may be no better time to capitalize on this opprortunity.

While Danica Patrick has been remarkably more successful in the IndyCar series, she's making moves at the right time in NASCAR. (S)

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