Friday, November 19, 2010

Hot And Sexy Tattoo Design Locations For Women

Back of The Neck Tattoo Designs

The back of the neck on a female is a very sensual spot for a beautiful female tattoo design. Just think about the geisha in Japan who carefully leave little bit of skin showing on the back of their necks to arouse the interest of male onlookers. The back of the neck has been a sensual feminine location for thousands of years and a great place for a beautiful tattoo.

Upper Back Tattoo Design

Other very place and one that is pretty much related to the neck is the upper back area. This area is also a wonderful location for a beautiful large tattoo design. The benefit of up to upper back is its large canvas so it is a prime location for a big tattoo design. The other benefit is is always easy to cover the upper back if you want the tattoo not to show.

Hip Tattoo Designs

I'll not go into great detail on the sexiness of this area has been well-documented throughout history. Suffice it to say, hip tattoos seem to quickly be replacing the old tramp stamp. Often a cute feminine and delicate tattoo design of the hip is the perfect piece of adornment.

Wrist And Ankle Tattoo Designs

Wrist tattoos have always been a very popular location for feminine and delicate tattoo designs. Possibly because lots of women wear jewelry bracelet tattoo or a tattoo that goes all the way around the wrist or ankle seems to be the perfect addition. There so many themes in different designs out there for wrist and ankle tattoos that you're sure to find something that fits your needs.

Rib Cage Tattoo Designs

Rib cage tattoos have a recently grown in popularity over the last five years for both men and women. The only down side to a great rib cage tattoo design is that they often can be very painful due to the bones being so close to the skin in this area. However, it offers a large canvas for a rather large design. Quotes, Koi Fish and Dragons seem to be the most popular designs for this area as well as flowers for women. This is a very sexy area also like the ones above. However no matter how cute or sexy the location it needs just the right tattoo design to fit perfectly with the body in order to really extenuate the beautiful and sexiness.

There are a ton of great locations to get a sexy female tattoo design and these are just a few of the top locations right now. Other then location to design is also very important and finding just the right design to fit the location where you want the tattoo is important.

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